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My iPhone

I just had to have one …

On my recent trip to the US, I couldn’t resist dropping by an Apple Store to buy an iPhone. Of course, it had to be hacked and jailbreaked to work here in Denmark. But thanks to Ulrik and a TurboSIM-card, it now works with my Danish SIM-card, so whenever you call me, you call my iPhone.

And what a cool gadget it is! Stunningly great design.

It works seamlessly with my wifi (something my other mobil phones never managed to; the iPhone just plugged in…), and the Safari browser experience is not too bad at all. Of course many webpages are unreadable, but the zoom function is great. There are some but not many websites that offer special iPhone versions, that the browser jumps into. An example of a site optimsed for iPhone users is this one. Oh, and Google Apps rock! My own blog also now servers iPhone users, who get a completely customised theme (thanks to this plugin). Expect to find more iPhone services here soon :-)

So far, I have just installed one application. I chose the Book application. And then got Lessig’s book. I’m not sure I’m gonna read it in this environment, but I do see a potential for lighter reading. Could see myself checking news and blogs here, and must check some of the iPhone applications out there. Any recommendations?

OpenID disabled

I have upgraded the WordPress installation running gotze.eu to its most recent version. Little did I realise that this would mean I broke the OpenID service I had running here, allowing commenters to login using their OpenID. And now I can’t get it to work again :-(  I also think I messed up some of the feeds.

Then I decided to try out the new Movable Type 4, which claims to have OpenID support by default. I decided to make it my Danish blog, which is now up and running. But lo and behold, the OpenID support doesn’t seem to work!

Hmmm. Is there something wrong with my server?

SOA This. SOA That.

When I a month ago prepared for a lecture about architecture, I found some interesting videos on YouTube. My students loved them. So, when I today gave a talk to a group of Danish CIOs, I thought of showing at least one of them, but on site decided not to because there wasn’t internet access.
I first found the video Meet the Architects, an example of viral (or maybe not so viral) marketing from a place called scyscrapr.net, but by and large, a decent “light” way of applying the urban planning metaphor to describe architectural work. I’m sure there was a more subtle campaign site there, but now it points to Microsoft’s skyscrapr, “a new site on MSDN where you can learn about software architects and architecture”. Skyscrapr seems to be a pretty cool information service, see for example their Archipedia, which offers brief descriptions of (software) architectural terms.

And then I found Greg the Architect: SOA This. SOA That. and Greg the Architect: ROI of the Beholder. This is Tibco‘s award-winning viral SOA marketing. I’m not sure about SOA Now, the magazine the videos promote, but I love the videos.

Sharing a bit of identity

That was easy. First, I claimed it, then checked it, then mapped it and then checked it again, and now I guess I can claim my identity is gotze.eu. My public persona is currently at gotze.myopenid.com. I’m playing with my own IdP, but that’s not ready yet.

OpenID is cool. To show you just how cool it is, try this: Using your own OpenID, try making a comment to this entry. You should be able to identify yourself with OpenID on this blog. Thanks to this great plugin.

I wonder if anyone can recommend Perl libraries for OpenID? I notice there’s also a MT-plugin which I guess use Perl-libraries. Got to try that out. But in general, if anyone could explain what kind of work will be needed to OpenID-enable a web application, please holler!